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Social media reputation monitoring solution for automobile dealers.

SocialArmor - Live Reputation Management Service

SocialArmor protects your reputation with real people that monitor and respond to negative social content.

The most robust reputation management service in the industry, SocialArmor improves your social presence.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Live people will ensure a fast, professional response to negative posts/reviews. Customers are happiest when they feel that their issues are important to you, and that you are taking immediate action to assist them. Time is of the essence.

Lower Defection Rates

Retain current customers by making sure that they are heard and answered, quickly and efficiently, with a live response. Let nothing fall through the cracks, and turn negatives into positives.

Win Potential Clients

Many of your prospective clients will look to your social media profiles, and if they see that you are taking care of your customers, they will be much more likely to want to be your customer too. If not, they are much more likely not to ever be your customer.

Gain Valuable Insights

Live monitoring means that we can review and categorize negative social activity, and present to you potential deficiencies that can be corrected to avoid future negative social activity.

Social Reputation Matters

Your customers are voicing their opinions on social media for everyone to judge, and that means you need to be there too so that you can defend yourself by turning unhappy customers into happy ones. You need to proactively monitor social properties so that you can react fast and turn negatives into positives, but that takes time and effort. SocialArmor agents monitor social media for negative activity, which allows you to respond quickly to issues, keeping existing customers happy, and winning the hearts and minds of prospective clients.

So Why SocialArmor?

The SocialArmor reputation management is more than just reports and alerts, our live monitoring and response process ensures that your customers are not left hanging so that you can retain their business, and prospective clients can see that you take care of your customers quickly.

Highlights, Just To Name A Few

Outstanding Benefits

Lower Defection Rates

Win Potential Prospects

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Earn More Positive Reviews

Excellent Features

Live Monitoring

Fast Live Response

Useful Analytics

Sip Beer, Enjoy Life

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